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The International Gabriele Foundation Is the Work of the Deed in the Spirit of Jesus, the Christ, on which His Teaching Becomes Visible.

Dear fellow people,

We are pleased that you want to inform yourselves about the International Gabriele Foundation, which goals it pursues and how these are put into practice. The following of Jesus of Nazareth, of the free cosmic Spirit, is the basis for all the activities of the International Gabriele Foundation, as you can read on the home page.



Original Christians in the following of Jesus of Nazareth, of the free cosmic Spirit, followers of the Nazarene, are for tolerance, openness, straightforwardness, honesty, freedom and truthfulness. The work of the deed of neighborly love toward nature and animals, the International Gabriele Foundation with its associate foundations worldwide, we do not want to present in detail on Internet, where often a fight develops in the “for and against.”

Internet Battlefield

Unfortunately, the Internet has gotten so out of control, that in many cases one can talk about a battlefield. Followers in the Free Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth do not want to enter such a territory, where slander, hatred and character assassination develop through speech and counterspeech. Each one can do as he likes. According to the law of equilibrium, justice will be the victor.

Jesus of Nazareth also came for the animals.

Jesus of Nazareth taught the love for God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals. He did not teach to produce weapons, or to wage wars, not against nature and the animals, either. He taught love, care and mercy toward all of God’s creatures. Jesus of Nazareth also came for the animals. He also came to eliminate the unspeakable suffering of the animals and to give people an understanding of the unity of people, nature and animals. These are also the concerns of the International Gabriele Foundation and of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Also for this reason, we are often ostracized as sectarians, primarily by the church institutions.

Many commentaries that you might find on Internet regarding the spiritual stream of Original Christian life do not correspond to the facts.
Anyone who deliberately spreads false information, including insults and slander, and anyone who wants to believe such defamations is free to do so.
We followers of Jesus of Nazareth count on the unprejudiced power of judgment of all those who are still capable of thinking independently, of examining and weighing things. We will not oppose the decades-long defamation campaigns.



Jesus von Nazareth was insulted as a sectarian by the Pharisees, scribes and priests. Why should it be any different for us Original Christians who follow Him? In the Free Spirit, whom we Original Christians follow, there is no commandment of shutting oneself off. The commandment of love for God and neighbor excludes judgment over those who think differently, also regarding religion, skin color, sex, origin or the like.


More Information

Where can you inform yourself about the International Gabriele Foundation?

You can find information about the “Worldwide Original Christian Stream, Original Christians in the following of Jesus of Nazareth, the free cosmic Spirit,” via many worldwide TV stations, which have included the programs of the Original Christians in their schedule.

For example, you can find us under the following:

In Africa:
Gabriele-TV Africa
SES 5 “Subsaharan” Africa
Position: 5° East
Transponder: 957
Frequency: 12.034 Ghz
Downlink Pol: Horizontal
SR: 27.500 – FEC ¾
Modulation: QPSK

In Europe:
New Jerusalem-TV
Eutelsat Hotbird 13C – 5 degrees East
Frequency 12.111 MHz.
Tansponder 70, Pol: V, DVB-S2
Sym 27.500, Fec ¾, SID 723
And via SKY 857

Sophia Web-TV

Visit the information stand of the International Gabriele Foundation in the Sophia Library, the Center of the Free Spirit, Max-Braun-Str. 2, 97828 Marktheidenfeld, Germany.

We will gladly send you our free and extensive information brochure.
Write to: info@gabriele-foundation.org


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